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TotemDuino expands upon the great Arduino UNO platform idea. While it is kept fully backwards compatible with Arduino, a lot of additional features are included as well, such as:

  • Output protection - nothing limits creativity as the fear of making a mistake and breaking something. TotemDuino comes with all of its output pins going into LabBoard protected against over-voltage or short-circuit conditions. No experiment could go wrong this way!
  • Expansion port - a 34 pin flat-cable connection connects to the LabBoard for easy pin access.
  • Powerful 5 V regulator - you'll be less likely to run out of power while experimenting with higher power loads such as motors.
  • Selectable microcontroller logic voltage - as the world progresses from 5 V towards 3.3 V logic voltage, TotemDuino can work with both just by the flip of a switch, without the need for any additional adapters or converters.


  • Atmega328 microcontroller
  • 100% Arduino Uno compatible, works with Arduino shields
  • Works in Arduino IDE
  • 9-30 V DC or 5V USB supply power range
  • When powered from DC power adapter, can supply up to 1.5A of current at 5V.
  • Selectable 5V or 3.3V logic voltage
  • Noise immune design
  • Additional filtering for precise analog voltage measurements
  • Integrated programmer - no extra parts needed to start coding.
  • Arduino and Totem compatible mounting holes
  • 34-pin flat cable connector for integration with Totem Mini Lab