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Setup Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE Arduino IDE stands out with it's simple design, allowing to write a code, compile a project and upload it to the RoboBoard X4. This is one of the reasons why it's so popular among beginners. Aside from basic functionality, it has thousands of third-party libraries and code examples to create a project even faster.

Step 1. Download Arduino IDE

Go to Arduino website to download application for your operating system.
For this tutorial select version 1.8.x (not 2.0).
Install guide: Windows | macOS | Linux

Download Arduino

Step 2. Install Totem Boards

Arduino IDE Install Totem Boards extension to add support for RoboBoard X4.

  1. In Arduino IDE select FilePreferences.
  2. Locate Additional Boards Manager URLs and paste in:
    If you have multiple URLs, click a button next to input field and add this link to the bottom.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Select ToolsBoardBoards Manager..
  5. In search field type in totem.
  6. Click Install on Totem Boards and wait for it to complete. It can take a few minutes.
  7. Close Boards Manager window.
  8. Select ToolsBoardTotem BoardsRoboBoard X4.

Step 3. Compile and upload code

Arduino IDE Load example code and upload it to RoboBoard X4.

  1. Select FileExamplesBoardRGBSetColor.
  2. Connect X4 board to PC over USB cable and power it on.
    Make sure the battery or DC jack is connected and power switch is turned on.
    X4 won't work from USB alone!
  3. Select ToolsPort and click on the port displayed there.
    If Port is not available - check if X4 is on and plugged to PC with USB cable.
    If there are multiple ports, select one with (ESP32 USB) or disconnect USB cable and check which one is gone. Reconnect and select it.
  4. Select SketchUpload and wait till it completes (can take a few minutes first time).
  5. RoboBoard X4 RGB will start to blink in different colors. There is an example for each functionality, including a simple description.

Step 4. Update internal driver

Burn Bootloader (Driver update)

Do not use this functionality at the moment!
It will brick revision v1.1 boards! Only safe to use with (older) revision v1.0.
We have fixed this issue but measures are taken to prevent damaging already sold units. If you have non-functioning board - please contact support.

Update internal driver to the latest version. Only required once!
Function Serial.println(X4.getDriverVersion()) should output 1.52.

  1. Select ToolsBoardTotem BoardsRoboBoard X4.
  2. Select ToolsPort and click on the port displayed there.
  3. Select ProgrammerESPTool.
  4. Click ToolsBurn Bootloader.
    Wait till board is flashed and RGB turns on green. It means driver is updated.
    If RGB turned on red - contact our forum or support.
  5. Now upload any other code as in Step 3.

Step 5. Using Arduino IDE

For more information about getting started with Arduino, read following topics:


If you encountered any problem - create a topic on our community