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Getting started

Welcome to the TotemMaker documentation website.
This site contains all required information for Totem products programming.
Follow further topics to learn all about it.



TotemBUS is a unique modular system that can have any configuration of functionality. Multiple modules with different capabilities (motor control, sensors, etc.) can be combined to build a sophisticated robots with a lot of programmable functionality. This is possible by using Totem modules, communicating over TotemBUS protocol and controlling via Totem API.

Setting-up environment

Totem programming requires Arduino and Totem Library to be installed.

Run example project

Various examples are provided to start a project easily. Each one is documented with explaining every step of code.

Learn Totem coding

These topics contains information how to interact with Totem modules using Totem Library.


Feel free to join our community forum:
You can post any question or share your experiences with Totem products.