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Module scanner


API to scan for TotemBUS modules. Can be used to get list of connected TotemBUS modules and their information (number and serial).

Code examples

Arduino projects: RoboBoardX4/TotemBUS

Function usage (click to expand)
// Function called when ping response from module is received
void moduleDiscovered() {
  int number = X4.module.getLastNumber();
  int serial = X4.module.getLastSerial();
void setup() {
  // Register module ping response event function
void loop() {; // Ping all modules
  delay(1000);; // Ping only distance module [11]
  delay(1000);, 12654); // Ping only distance module [11] with serial 12654


Discover modules, serial)

Request modules to send a response. All connected modules will be listed in function registered with addEvent().
Available request types:
• all modules
• modules matching specified number
• module matching specified number and serial
ping(number) - request only by module number
ping() - request all modules
number - module number [0:255]. 0 - all modules
serial - module serial [0:32767]. 0 - ignore serial


Register module discovery event function. It will be called on each module ping response. Functions getLastNumber() and getLastSerial() can be used inside registered function to get module information.
function - function name [moduleCallback]

(number) X4.module.getLastNumber()

Get last received module number (from ping response).

(serial) X4.module.getLastSerial()

Get last received module serial (from ping response).