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Auxiliary functions


API to receive custom commands from smartphone using Totem App. There are 4 channels that can be used independently to receive widgets state. Using this functionality, RoboBoard X4 can be programed to perform specific tasks.

Code examples

Arduino projects: RoboBoardX4/FUNCTION

Function usage (click to expand)
// Function called when button is pressed, that maps to functionA
void eventFunctionA() {
  int value = X4.functionA.get(); // Value sent to functionA by Totem App
// Function called when button is pressed, that maps to functionB
void eventFunctionB() {
  int value = X4.functionB.get(); // Value sent to functionB by Totem App
void setup() {
  // Register event handlers for functions


Read App events

This API is available for each auxiliary channel X4.functionA, X4.functionB, X4.functionC, X4.functionD.


Register Totem App event function. It will be called on each message sent. Value is received using get() function.
function - function name [appCallback]

(value) X4.functionA.get()

Get widget value sent from App.
value - 32-bit value [-2147483648:2147483647]