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Board configuration


API to change board settings. Any changes saved retain their values after power off.

Code examples

Arduino projects: RoboBoardX4/CONFIG

Function usage (click to expand)
// Set robot name to "My Robot"
X4.config.setRobotName("My Robot");
// Read robot name "My Robot"
char *name = X4.config.getRobotName();
// Set robot model
X4.config.setRobotModel("MiniTrooper"); // Set string
X4.config.setRobotModel(0xe6f1); // Set hash (int)
// Read model hash "0xe6f1"
int model = X4.config.getRobotModel();
// Set robot color "red"
X4.config.setRobotColor(255, 0, 0);
// Read robot color "0xff0000"
int color = X4.config.getRobotColor();
// Set DC motor output invert
X4.config.setDCInvert(true, true, false, false);
// Read DC motor output invert "0x01010000"
int dcInvert = X4.config.getDCInvert();
// Set DC motor autobrake
X4.config.setDCAutobrake(50, 0, 100, 100);
// Read DC motor autobrake "0x32006464"
int dcAutobrake = X4.config.getDCAutobrake();
// Reset stored configuration to default




Set Robot name. Will be visible during Totem App connection.
name - string (text) up to 30 characters.

(name) X4.config.getRobotName()

Get Robot name, configured with setRobotName() or inside Totem App.
name - string (text) up to 30 characters.


Set Robot model description. Used to describe robot type MiniTrooper, etc.
This description is internally converted to 16-bit hash value.
description - string (text) of any length.


Set Robot model description hash. Can be acquired with TotemModule::hashModel("description").
hash - 16-bit value hash of model description string (text) [0x0000:0xFFFF]

(hash) X4.config.getRobotModel()

Get Robot model description hash, configured with setRobotModel() function.
hash - 16-bit value hash of model description string (text) [0x0000:0xFFFF]

X4.config.setRobotColor(red, green, blue)

Set the Robot appearance color. Used for easier robot identification. Will be displayed during RoboBoard X4 power-on and Totem App connection. No alpha (brightness) is used here. Value 0 sets to default (disabled).
setRobotColor(hex) - use 24-bit HEX color code
HEX (hexadecimal) color code 0xFFFFFF is similar to HTML color code #FFFFFF.
24-bit: 0xAABBCC0xAA (170 red), 0xBB (187 green), 0xCC (204 blue).
red - amount of red color [0:255]
green - amount of green color [0:255]
blue - amount of blue color [0:255]
hex - 24-bit hexadecimal color code [0x000000:0xFFFFFF]

(color) X4.config.getRobotColor()

Get the Robot appearance color, configured with setRobotColor() function or inside Totem App.
color - 24-bit hexadecimal color code [0x000000:0xFFFFFF].

X4.config.setDCInvert(invertA, invertB, invertC, invertD)

Set invert of individual DC motor spin direction. Different from X4.dc.setInvert() as this function preserves setting after power-off.
invertA - channel A inverted spin direction [true:false]
invertB - channel B inverted spin direction [true:false]
invertC - channel C inverted spin direction [true:false]
invertD - channel D inverted spin direction [true:false]

(invert) X4.config.getDCInvert()

Get invert setting of individual DC channels, configured with setDCInvert().
invert - encoded 32-bit value [A | B | C | D] (8-bit per channel)

X4.config.setDCAutobrake(powerA, powerB, powerC, powerD)

Set automatic brake of individual DC channel.
Will automatically apply specified braking power when power() is set to 0.
Used to prevent motor from free spinning.
Different from X4.dc.setAutobrake() as this function preserves setting after power-off.
powerA - channel A automatic brake power [0:100]%.
powerB - channel B automatic brake power [0:100]%.
powerC - channel C automatic brake power [0:100]%.
powerD - channel D automatic brake power [0:100]%.

(autobrake) X4.config.getDCAutobrake()

Get autobrake setting of individual DC channels, configured with setDCAutobrake().
autobrake - encoded 32-bit value [A | B | C | D] (8-bit per channel)


Reset all settings to default.