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Board information


API to read and control miscellaneous board functionality.

Code examples

Arduino projects: RoboBoardX4/X4

Function usage (click to expand)

/* Battery info */
// Battery voltage "11.1"
float voltage = X4.getBatteryVoltage();
// Battery state "false"
bool isLow = X4.isBatteryLow();
// Battery charging state "false"
bool isCharging = X4.isBatteryCharging();
// Last battery charging timestamp "1326485" (millis())
int lastChTime = X4.getBatteryChargingTime();
/* Board info */
// Is DC cable plugged in "false"
bool isInDC = X4.isDC();
// Is USB cable plugged in "false"
bool isInUSB = X4.isUSB();
// X4 serial number
int serial = X4.getSerial();
// Board revision "v1.1"
char *revision = X4.getRevision();
// Board driver firmware version "v1.52"
char *driver = X4.getDriverVersion();
// Board software version "v2.00"
char *software = X4.getSoftwareVersion();
/* Board control */
// Force to enable connectivity to Totem App. Normally should be called inside setup()
// Reboot X4 board


Battery info

(voltage) X4.getBatteryVoltage()

Get connected battery voltage.
voltage - battery voltage (float) [8.40:12.60]V

(time) X4.getBatteryChargingTime()

Get amount of time battery is charging.
time - charging time [0:16777215]ms

(state) X4.isBatteryCharging()

Check if battery is currently charging.
state - is charging yes / no [true:false]

(state) X4.isBatteryLow()

Check if battery is depleted and requires charging.
state - is low yes / no [true:false]

Board info

(state) X4.isDC()

Check if DC power adapter jack is plugged in.
state - is DC plugged in yes / no [true:false]

(state) X4.isUSB()

Check if USB cable is plugged in.
state - is USB plugged in yes / no [true:false]

(serial) X4.getSerial()

Get TotemBUS network serial number of RoboBoard X4 (as [04] module).
serial - serial number [0:32767]

(revision) X4.getRevision()

Get board revision string (text) (printed on top of the board v.1.x). Identifies hardware changes between different RoboBoard X4 releases.
revision - board revision string (text) [v1.0,v1.1]

(version) X4.getDriverVersion()

Get board peripheral driver firmware version. Peripheral driver is an additional STM32 branded MCU taking care of controlling board functionality.
version - driver version string (text) (v1.00)

(version) X4.getSoftwareVersion()

Get RoboBoard X4 software version string (text). This is an additional part of code running alongside Arduino program. It takes care of whole board functionality.
version - software version string (text) (v1.00)

Board control

(success) X4.enableAppControl()

Force to start App connectivity. Will make RoboBoard X4 discoverable for Totem smartphone app. This will override ToolsApp control setting.
Enabling this option will include Bluetooth functionality, which increases flash memory usage and takes longer to compile a project and upload a code.
success - returns false if internal error occurred during initialization



Reset ESP32 MCU. Will reload running program. Same functionality as physical Reset button.