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Serial protocol

Serial protocol to control LabBoard from Arduino or external device, like PC.
Command must start with LB prefix, separated by :, ending with new line symbol \n.
Example: Serial.print("LB:OUT:DAC1:1500\n") or Serial.println("LB:OUT:DAC1:1500")


Command Description
LB:<group>:<cmd>:<value> Write value to specific command
LB:<group>:<cmd>:? Request to read specific command
LB:<group>:? Request to read all commands in group
LB:? Request to read all LabBoard commands
LB:<group>:<cmd>:! Enable notify for specific command. !0 - disable
LB:<group>:! Enable notify for all commands in group. !0 - disable
LB:! Enable notify for all LabBoard commands. !0 - disable


Calling LB:OUT:DAC1:1500 will change DAC1 output to 1.5 Volts.
Calling LB:OUT:DAC1:? will return current value of DAC1 - LB:OUT:DAC1:1500.
Calling LB:IN:? will return of all 5 "Voltage input" commands with values.
Calling LB:IN:5V:! will stream LB:IN:5V:1000 value on each change.

Voltage input

Read voltage of VIN, ±50V, ±5V, ±0.5V pins and current of SHUNT pin.

Command Parameter Description
LB:IN:VIN: 6000 - 30000 mV VIN pin voltage
LB:IN:50V: -50000 - 50000 mV ±50V pin voltage
LB:IN:5V: -6150 - 6150 mV ±5V pin voltage
LB:IN:05V: -700 - 700 mV ±0.5V pin voltage
LB:IN:AMP: 0 - 800 mA SHUNT pin current

LB:IN:50V and LB:IN:05V limits can vary a bit.
Read instructions how to setup current measurement.
-100000 is returned if measurement is invalid or over the limit.
Channel overvoltage may invalidate measurements of other channels also.

Voltage output

Set voltage to VREG, DAC1, DAC2, DAC3 pins.

Command Parameter Description
LB:OUT:VREG: 3000 - VIN - 1000 mV VREG pin voltage
LB:OUT:DAC1: 0 - 3250 mV DAC1 pin voltage
LB:OUT:DAC2: 0 - 3250 mV DAC2 pin voltage
LB:OUT:DAC3: 0 - 3250 mV DAC3 pin voltage

LB:OUT:VREG maximum voltage depends on VIN voltage, which is 15V with provided DC power supply. In this case, output range is - 3000 - 14000 mV.

Frequency generator

Output configurable Pulse-width modulation to TXD pin.

Digital signal PWM image

Command Parameter Description
LB:TXD:RUN: 0 - stop
1 - start TXD
2 - start TXD burst
Generator control
LB:TXD:FHZ: 1 - 1000000 Hz Frequency in hertz
LB:TXD:FUS: 1 - 1000000 μs Frequency in microseconds
LB:TXD:DUS: 0 - 1000000 μs Duty cycle in microseconds
LB:TXD:DPCT: 0 - 1000 % Duty cycle percentage (% * 10)
LB:TXD:CNT: 0 - 65535 Pulses count in burst mode

LB:TXD:FHZ is tied to LB:TXD:FUS. Both control output frequency but with different units.
LB:TXD:DUS is tied to LB:TXD:DPCT. Both control output duty cycle but with different units.
LB:TXD:DUS maximum value is limited by LB:TXD:FUS. Pulse width can't be longer than Period.
LB:TXD:DPCT is percentage multiplied by 10 for more precision.
LB:TXD:CNT is a number of pulses to generate when calling command LB:TXD:RUN:2.

Frequency monitor

Measure frequency with DIG1 pin.

Command Parameter Description
LB:RXD:RUN: 0 - disable RXD
1 - enable RXD
Monitor control
LB:RXD:EDGE: 0 - LOW edge
1 - HIGH edge
Sample (detect) edge.
Default: HIGH
LB:RXD:CNT: write: 0 - reset to 0
read: pulses count
Number of pulses
LB:RXD:FHZ: read: 0 - 23000000 hertz Measured frequency

Digital inputs

Read state of digital DIG1 and DIG2 pins.

Command Parameter Description
LB:DIG1: 0 - LOW
1 - HIGH
Digital pin state
LB:DIG2: 0 - LOW
1 - HIGH
Digital pin state

Display control

Command Parameter Description
LB:DISP:TXT:<text> string Put text on display (align left)
LB:DISP:TXT:<seg>:<text> <seg> : 0 - 8
<text> : string
Put text on display (offset from left)
LB:DISP:DIM: 0 - 15 Display brightness
LB:DISP:BLI:<rate> <rate> : milliseconds Display blink rate
LB:DISP:BLI:<hex>:<rate> <hex> : HEX value 0 - 1FF
<rate> : milliseconds
Display segment blink rate
LB:DISP:MON: 0 - disabled
1 - enabled
Serial monitor mode
Default: enabled

<text> is a string of 9 characters. Symbols . , will use dot segment. Example: DISP 4.567.
<hex> is map of segments that will be affected. There are 9 segments, starting at from left.
<rate> is blinking frequency in milliseconds. Setting 0 will disable blinking.
LB:DISP:MON is a feature to print Serial.println() content to display in 4. SERIAL mode.

Key press

Read currently pressed LabBoard keys.

Command Parameter Description
LB:KEY:<hex> <hex>: HEX value 0 - 1F Binary map of pressed keys

B00001 - SET-
B00010 - SET+
B00100 - Right SELECT
B01000 - Middle SELECT
B10000 - Left SELECT
LB:KEY returns HEXdecimal value. Example: LB:KEY:C converts to B01100. This means that keys Right SELECT and Middle SELECT are currently pressed.

LED control

Control individual LabBoard LED.

Command Parameter Description
LB:LED:<hex> <hex>: HEX value 0 - 7FF Binary map of LED state
LB:LED:<num>:<state> <num>: LED number 1 - 11
<state>: 0 - off, 1 - on
State of specific LED
LED names
Number Name on board Binary map
0 All B00000000000
1 DIG1 B00000000001
2 DIG2 B00000000010
3 ±50V B00000000100
4 ±5V B00000001000
5 ±0.5V B00000010000
6 DAC1 B00000100000
7 DAC2 B00001000000
8 DAC3 B00010000000
9 VIN B00100000000
10 VREG B01000000000
11 mAmp B10000000000

<hex> is binary map on turned on LEDs.
<num> is number of LED in a list from DIG1 to mAmp. Starting at digit 1 to 11. 0 - all.
<state> is state of LED. 0 - lit off, 1 - lit on.
Example: command LB:LED:2C will turn on ±50V, ±5V and DAC1. All other - off.
Example: command LB:LED:10:1 will turn on mAmp. Does not change other LED.


Control LabBoard settings.

Command Parameter Description
LB:CFG:REV: 22 23 Revision number
LB:CFG:VER: 200 Firmware version
LB:CFG:SBAUD: 57600 Default serial baud rate
1 - Arduino
Default serial mode
Default: Arduino
LB:CFG:SON: 0 - off
1 - on
Background serial mode
Default: off
LB:CFG:DISP: 7 Display brightness
LB:CFG:VREG: 0 Calibration offset
LB:CFG:DAC1: 0 Calibration offset
LB:CFG:DAC2: 0 Calibration offset
LB:CFG:DAC3: 0 Calibration offset
LB:CFG:VIN: 0 Calibration offset
LB:CFG:50V: 0 Calibration offset
LB:CFG:5V: 0 Calibration offset
LB:CFG:05V: 0 Calibration offset
LB:CFG:RST: 1 Reset all configuration
Restart required after.

LB:CFG:REV is board revision number. v.2.1 and v.2.2 both returns 22.
LB:CFG:VER is firmware version number. 250 converts to 2.50.
LB:CFG:DISP is default display brightness. Value between 0 and 15.
Calibration offset is a drift from correct measurement in mV. Can be negative.

System control

Command Parameter Description
LB:BOOT: 1 Restart in boot mode
LB:RST: 1 Restart LabBoard

Boot mode is used during firmware update.